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Available December 2015

The Human Nature of Playwriting

by Samson Raphaelson

Available from online retailers

Category: Playwriting, Creative Writing

ISBN: 978-1-928150-29-9

$7.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

This enhanced edition includes a photo gallery and a foreword by Joel Raphaelson. Read the Vox Review by Todd VanDerWerff about "the greatest book ever written about the craft of dramatic writing".

Introduction excerpt

Let’s say the object of this course is to put every student through an experience which will make him realize what it is like to write creatively—to look at life, at your own lives probably, to see something, to feel, to study that vision and emotion, to find a meaning in the material, a form, to put it down in words, to study it again, re-seek the meaning, revise your approach, write it again and again, until it is crystallized. If you can go through such an experience, my theory is that those who can write will have learned more about writing, and those who cannot write will have caught a glimpse of what is behind a play, a story, a novel—and, incidentally, will have caught a new glimpse of their own lives.

About the Author:

Samson Raphaelson (1894-1983) was a renowned playwright, short story author, and screenplay writer. His works include the plays The Jazz Singer, Accent on Youth, Skylark, and Young Love, as well as the screenplays for Suspicion, Heaven Can Wait, and The Shop Around the Corner.


lake and three bricks

New Young Adult Fiction

Third Brick from the Right

by Nicholas Maes

The best in YA now available from online retailers

Young Adult Fiction, For ages 13 and up

ISBN: 978-1-928150-28-2

$2.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

When teenage bully gamer Charles Ingram has a revelation, he sees the world is sick and that it’s his job to cure it.

Fifteen-year-old Charles Ingram is wanted by the FBI. Aware he’ll be captured in a matter of days, he decides to write his story and explain why he and his gang committed their crimes. An ex-gamer, bully, and spoiled teen, he’s convinced the “System” has brainwashed people and turned them into digital pawns. Parents, teachers, psychiatrists, and cops: they’ve all gone horribly wrong. That’s why he smashed the System and caused it billions in damages — to set people free and turn them back to normal. Fast-paced and thrilling, Third Brick from the Right is a profound and hilarious send-up of life in the digital age.

About the Author

Nicholas Maes is a Toronto high school history teacher and teaches Classics part-time at the University of Waterloo, Canada. His previous young adult novels include Locksmith, Crescent Star, Laughing Wolf, Fortuna, and Transmigration.


Man with a baseball bat

Sports Literature At Its Best!

Bad Blood

by Jack Drury

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-928150-27-5

$3.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

Three men with big ambitions grapple in a near-future world where baseball could get bloody.

Felix Martinez started out running drugs in Petare, a down-and-out barrio of Caracas, Venezuela. Now, even with a murky, murderous past, he aspires to be a major league baseball agent. Errol Boghan is a second baseman who’s spent most of his career in the minors but is finally in the big leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays, though perhaps not for long. Enter Santi del Oriente, a superstar with a shady background who’s just been acquired by the Jays. All three men grapple in a near-future world where past and present merge, betrayal and love are intertwined, and dark secrets inevitably rise to the surface.

About the Author

Jack Drury is a world traveller. Had it not been for the wild elephants of Thailand; the poisonous jungle snakes of Malaysia and wandering street cows of India he's encountered this novel would have been completed in far less than the almost four years it took him. He lives in Toronto and over a number of summers has visited 27 major league baseball parks.


The Littlest Angel cover

Now in Digital for all e-readers!

The Littlest Angel

by Charles Tazewell

Genre: Children's classic fiction

ISBN: 978-1-928150-24-4 (US Edition

ISBN: 978-1-928150-25-1 (UK Edition)

$0.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

The timeless classic of an irrepressible angel who struggles to adapt to his new heavenly home, while disrupting one and all by swinging on the golden gates and singing out of tune in the heavenly choir! After his wish is granted, the Littlest Angel learns to live happily in heaven, but is his gift for the Christ child the right one? New illustrations and designed for little ones in all countries. The Littlest Angel is recommended for children age 4 and older.

About the Author

Charles Tazewell was born in Iowa in 1900 and lived into his early seventies. During his lifetime, he enjoyed the success and recognition that his story The Littlest Angel brought him, witnessing numerous book printings over the years.


book cover with Shakespeare

Now Available

Dead False

by M.R. Carroll

Available from online retailers

Genre: Mystery

ISBN: 978-0-9937283-6-5

$0.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

A mystery for every literature buff and for fans of noir fiction, a must-read for crime fiction buffs.

A manuscript worth killing for. Mickey Finnegan's journalism career is in free fall after a tragic outcome to his article on a political scandal. Mickey, lost and depressed, answers a strange phone call that catches his interest — a call that leads Mickey back to his well-honed investigative skills, his old haunts and his questionable contacts. A cat-and-mouse game in the high-stakes world of rare book and manuscript collecting, a search for a lost play...has Cardenio, one of Shakespeare's lost manuscripts, been found? And who would kill for it? Who can he trust? Follow Mickey on his pursuit from dive bars to the halls of academia, from friends to foes, and from despair to dare.

About the Author

M.R. Carroll is a book editor and writer who lives in Toronto. He has been at times a farm labourer, a history teacher in Africa, a magazine editor, and a theatre critic. His writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, The Georgia Straight and Vancouver Sun.


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Multicultural Book Series

Counting Books

Age Range: 4 and up (preschool and up)

$2.99, 24 pages, fixed-layout eBook

Parents will love to share their native language or introduce a new language to their young children with this new counting book series. Each title features a simple, engaging introduction to numbers, encouraging children to focus on the basics of learning to count in another language.

  • Languages: Slovenian, Navajo, Filipino, Arabic and more...
  • Fixed-layout format
  • Learn basic counting (1-10) in different languages
publication cover with alphabet letters

Multicultural Book Series

Alphabet Books

Age Range: 4 and up (preschool and up)

$2.99, 24 pages, fixed-layout eBook

Alphabet titles in a multicultural digital book series dedicated to providing quality digital books in languages from around the world. The series will alphabet books in languages that are that are rarely represented in current publications, yet have a significant population of speakers in our global community.

  • Languages: Slovenian, Korean, Filipino, Arabic and more to follow...
  • Fixed-layout format
  • Learn the alphabet in different languages

* Available 2016

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