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“How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


List of Publications

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Sports Literature At Its Best!

Bad Blood

by Jack Drury

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-928150-27-5

$3.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

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Three men with big ambitions grapple in a near-future world where baseball could get bloody.

Felix Martinez started out running drugs in Petare, a down-and-out barrio of Caracas, Venezuela. Now, even with a murky, murderous past, he aspires to be a major league baseball agent. Errol Boghan is a second baseman who’s spent most of his career in the minors but is finally in the big leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays, though perhaps not for long. Enter Santi del Oriente, a superstar with a shady background who’s just been acquired by the Jays. All three men grapple in a near-future world where past and present merge, betrayal and love are intertwined, and dark secrets inevitably rise to the surface.

About the Author

Jack Drury is a world traveller. Had it not been for the wild elephants of Thailand; the poisonous jungle snakes of Malaysia and wandering street cows of India he's encountered this novel would have been completed in far less than the almost four years it took him. He lives in Toronto and over a number of summers has visited 27 major league baseball parks.


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Dead False

by M.R. Carroll

Available from online retailers

Genre: Mystery

ISBN: 978-0-9937283-6-5

$0.99, ePub and Kindle formats (reflowable)

Available from online retailers

A mystery for every literature buff and for fans of noir fiction, a must-read for crime fiction buffs.

A manuscript worth killing for. Mickey Finnegan's journalism career is in free fall after a tragic outcome to his article on a political scandal. Mickey, lost and depressed, answers a strange phone call that catches his interest — a call that leads Mickey back to his well-honed investigative skills, his old haunts and his questionable contacts. A cat-and-mouse game in the high-stakes world of rare book and manuscript collecting, a search for a lost play...has Cardenio, one of Shakespeare's lost manuscripts, been found? And who would kill for it? Who can he trust? Follow Mickey on his pursuit from dive bars to the halls of academia, from friends to foes, and from despair to dare.

About the Author

M.R. Carroll is a book editor and writer who lives in Toronto. He has been at times a farm labourer, a history teacher in Africa, a magazine editor, and a theatre critic. His writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, The Georgia Straight and Vancouver Sun.