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The Human Nature of Playwriting


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Category: Playwriting, Creative Writing

ISBN: 978-1-928150-29-9

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This enhanced edition includes a photo gallery and a foreword by Joel Raphaelson. Read the Vox Review by Todd VanDerWerff about "the greatest book ever written about the craft of dramatic writing".

Introduction excerpt

Let’s say the object of this course is to put every student through an experience which will make him realize what it is like to write creatively—to look at life, at your own lives probably, to see something, to feel, to study that vision and emotion, to find a meaning in the material, a form, to put it down in words, to study it again, re-seek the meaning, revise your approach, write it again and again, until it is crystallized. If you can go through such an experience, my theory is that those who can write will have learned more about writing, and those who cannot write will have caught a glimpse of what is behind a play, a story, a novel—and, incidentally, will have caught a new glimpse of their own lives.

About the Author:

Samson Raphaelson (1894-1983) was a renowned playwright, short story author, and screenplay writer. His works include the plays The Jazz Singer, Accent on Youth, Skylark, and Young Love, as well as the screenplays for Suspicion, Heaven Can Wait, and The Shop Around the Corner.